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Adonika Tollers
Tollers in Residence: Elf, Skeet, Player & Diné
We have quality Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers and Shetland Sheepdogs that we have actively done performance, companionship and conformation shows with. We believe in a well-rounded, versatile dog that is both sound in mind as well as body.

The Morrison's Home on the Web
Tollers in Residence: Teak
Teak the Toller and Rufus, our Cairn Terrier are the focus of our site. There are frequent new photos of the dogs, a weekly postcard and other stuff.

Tollers at Prairiedock Farm
Has photo reports on all the shows we've been to, and pictures of our own Tollers. At the present time there are about 400-500 picturs from Toller shows, and about another 500 pictures of our Tollers, but this increases by about 150 every time we go to a show, and weekly for the other pictures.

Helen's Tollers
Tollers in Residence: Isla, Flisa & Chase
This site is very simplistic and contains pictures of our Tollers and a link to the Secretary of the UK NSDTR Club. I will be fiddling with this site over the next few months.

Decoymans Kennel
Tollers in Residence: 11
Top breeders in the United Kingdom we work and play with our Tollers and all are bred indoors with children to handle them. You are welcome to visit anytime please call us on 00441473659302

SwampWater Kennels
Tollers in Residence: Chase & Bretta
The SwampWater site is the home of Debbie Gates' Tollers, Chase (Danbury's SwampWater Chaser WCI) and Bretta (Robindale's Quarterback Sneak). Also contains a resource page with links to good training books, Toller-L, and other Toller web sites.

Tollers Labradors ShubiDuo
Tollers in Residence: N/A
This is a site with knowledge of Finnish Tollers and kennel Applehill's.

Hircum´s Kennel
Tollers in Residence: Benili´s Hekla and Hircum´s Lucretia
One of the swedish breeder, who has a great homepage, full of information and beautiful pictures of swedish tollers.

Duck Tail´s Kennel
Tollers in Residence: Flottatjärns Kitimat Casey, Foxy Farm´s Butch Borup & Flottatjärns Der Kalix
A site about our Tollers and ourselves. And of course a lot of pictures of the dogs....

George's Home Page
Tollers in Residence: 1
Toller site ratings following the Magellian style rating system.

The Sagewood Story
Tollers in Residence: Ch Sagewood's Cisco Kid CD, HR Ch Sagewood's Lonetree Auburn CD, WCX, Ch ptd Kyminlaced Frost Of Lyonhouse, Sagewood's Ticket To Ride

An introduction to Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, our breeding program and links to other informative sites.

Kare Kennels
Tollers in Residence: Bear, Pryde, Ocean, Magic, Tug, Nova, Myst, Holly, Merlin, Breeze, Siren, and Banner
The history, present and future plans of Kare Kennels. Their aims and achievements.

Morris' Homepage
Tollers in Residence: Morris
Morris' (Trindy's Pacekeeper, b. 12th July '98) homepage. Includes a lot of photos.

Shaggy Toller's Home Page
Tollers in Residence: N/A
An introduction to the breed and to our dogs, with pedigrees and pictures.

Welcome to Westerlea
Tollers in Residence: 3
This site shows colour photos of some of the great Westerlea dogs from days gone by as well as our current dogs. My name is Alison Strang and I have bred Tollers for 23 years - also co-authored "The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever."

Vermilion Tollers
Tollers in Residence: Wager and Bet
The Como's of Northern Minnesota proudly introduce you to U-Cd US/Can CH Cobscook's Vermilion Wager CDX WCX Can CD/WC CGC TDI and US/Can CH Landew Vermilion Let'er Ride CD CGC TDI. Info includes conformation shows, obedience trials, retriever trials, puppies and links to clubs, events, and opps to learn more about this wonderful breed. Click on to see our world.

Möller's hemsida
Tollers in Residence: Tollartrollets cayenne "gizmo"
About a toller named Gizmo and his family

Zephyr Kennel
Tollers in Residence: 2
Zephyr Kennel is home of Gem and Rosie and George and Heather Green. We compete with our Tollers in the following activities: obedience, agility, field tests, breed ring and are just starting flyball.

Sparky the Toller
Tollers in Residence: Sparky
You will find the cutest pup - Sparky (Kylador's True Sparky) in this website. Also there are great photos of Kylador Toller family and friends and links to other great Toller sites!

LittleRiver Kennels Reg'd, The "Jeffery-Coldwell","LittleRiver" Breedline
Tollers in Residence: Ch.LittleRiver's Cassey, Ch.LittleRiver's Blaze of Glory, Ch.LittleRiver's Delhaven Dancer, Ch.LittleRiver's Argus, Ch.LittleRiver's Sassy Girl, LittleRiver's Molly 2nd, LittleRiver's Tess, LittleRiver's Lady in Red, LittleRiver's Evangeline, LittleRiver's Tippie, LittleRiver's Cinnamon, Ch.Jess of LittleRiver

A history and characteristics of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever by DOUGLAS W. COLDWELL and JAMES C. JEFFERY. BREEDERS of TOLLERS for THIRTY years in NOVA SCOTIA. Doug Coldwell and his sister Deanna Jeffery were pioneers in the Conformation and Obedience Rings with Tollers during the 1970s. Those who have known many of the early foundation TOLLERS, recognize that the "Jeffery-Coldwell","LittleRiver" TOLLERS in the pedigrees of over half of the Tollers in the world today represent the best of the Toller Genetic Pool.

Lönnlövets Tollare
Tollers in Residence: 4
A Swedish site about our tollers (only in swedish so far)Vår sida innehåller information om rasen, presentation av våra hundar, många kort och länkar. Här hittar du lite av varje!
Also available in English.

Bluenosers Kennel
Tollers in Residence: 6
In Swedish (english version is coming)
Short scripts and a lot of photos of my tollers and the litters I have had.
Special: sailing tollers (seglande tollare).

Fast Fourward Flyball Team-Sunshine's Page
Tollers in Residence: 1
This is the page on the fast Fourward Flyball team site for Sunshine, a flyball-loving Toller in San Diego, CA

Agrosofens kennel
Tollers in Residence: 2
Page about Agrosofens kennel. Lots of photos, links and information about both my tollers and tollers in general.

Ronja & Tessla´s homepage
Tollers in Residence: 2
A swedish site about our two tollers Ronja & Tessla. Read about them or just look at photos. Both in english and swedish.

Starway's Crimson Jake's Home Page
Tollers in Residence: 1
Just a small page featuring our 2 year old Toller Starway's Crimson Jake

Kylador Tollers & Goldens
Tollers in Residence: Four at my house and five at daughter Karen's including Dual BISS CH. Kylador's Debonair Rob Roy CD CGC
Our site has information and photos of our Tollers & Goldens courtesy of our good friend and webmanager Bill Mogk who makes it possible to share our dogs with you.

Fairchilds Nikita
Tollers in Residence: Fairchilds Nikita
About Niki my toller and her two litters.

Tollers in Residence: 1
We have Bassethounds but also 1 toller. You find here under the English version of our Bassethoundpage. Her name is Copper and Brass Xanada, but you may say NADA. She is our first toller but not our last!!!

Mona & Millie
Tollers in Residence: Desdemona & Kitimat Echo Ridge
Home page of two happy Toller girls from Finland. Pedigree and other information about Mona & Millie. Toller pictures and links.

Riverchase Tollers
Tollers in Residence: Dakota
Short description of tollers and toller history; development of Riverchase Tollers from first puppy on.

Rideau's Animated Gromit
Tollers in Residence: 1
This is just a place to show off my buddy, Gromit.

Fionavar Tollers
Tollers in Residence: 5
Australian site for our own Fionavar Kennel and good site for those researching the breed in Australia.

Kennel JustRedFun
Tollers in Residence:
Homepage of Kennel JustRedFun in Norway

Elvenwood Kennel at Tighe na Ulbhaidh
Tollers in Residence: Harriet Wimsey,ARBA CH Berdia's Elizabeth River Rose,CGC, and West Wind Todd
This site contains pictures of our Tollers and some of the things they do to have fun. It is updated every so often, especially when we have news to share - or new pictures to add!

Tollerlabben Kennel
Tollers in Residence:
About our dogs and kennel.

Rödsvansens Kennel
Tollers in Residence: 2
In Swedish only!!
En liten introduktion om våra hundar och familjen.
Länkar och en del annat.

Toller Health
Tollers in Residence:
Web site dedicated to health and genetics issues in Tollers.

Driftwood Kennel
Tollers in Residence: Clipper, Hedy, Bonnie, and Abby
Homepage of Driftwood Kennel, some good recipes, and the 1998 National Toller Specialty Top Dog, Am\Can\ARBA Ch BISS Driftwood's Coastal Clipper WC

Toller Jack
Tollers in Residence: Flyingtollers Jumping Jack

Home of Tango (for now)
Tollers in Residence: Bernache's Red Hot And Tango
A collection of pictures of Bernache Kennel Tollers as well as others that have crossed my path at Long Sault, Ottawa, and UKC Montreal events.

Scout - Our first NSDTR
Tollers in Residence: 1 - Scout
We got Scout from Hyflyer Kennels in March of 2000 - this site is just a way for us to show her off to friends and family across the country.

Tollers in Residence: 2 - Crash and Sunni
Come visit Crash and Sunni our 2 Tollers and their Jack Russell Terrier brother and sister - Chopper and Stormy. Lots of photos of Crash and Sunni and a Toller Photo Gallery of members of the Toller-L Tollers.

Samuel's Homepage
Tollers in Residence: 1-Samuel
This is a site for my family's toller pup Sam. We got Sam from Yellowrose Kennels and he has the nickname "Psycho Sam".

Skylark Tollers
Tollers in Residence: Cricket, Pete, Corrie and Star
We use our Tollers to hunt in North Dakota. This website has many photos of our dogs and puppies.

Tollers in the United Kingdom
Tollers in Residence: 10
Please do call and see us and our dogs, we are the top breeders in the United Kingdom and in the heart of the British countryside and you are most welcome to stay and watch our dogs work to the gun as well as seeing ten Tollers swimming together at our home' Nacton Decoy.Tel: 00441473 659302.

Kerr Puppies
Tollers in Residence: 6
Our site gives you information on Tollers and whos you our new litter of puppies!

Tollarbos Kennel
Tollers in Residence: LP SLCH SVCH Ronja, Tollarbos Rock-Fanzy
A small breeding of happy working tollers in Sweden.

Tollwest Tollers
Tollers in Residence: Splash & Cayenne
My Tollers participate in conformation, obedience, tracking, flyball, agility and hunt test training, but most importantly are loving family pets. Lots of pictures of my dogs!

Our tollers
Tollers in Residence: Solvinga`s Chaplin Af Jim Beam & Bigsize Lansman Sjoqvist
It`s a site about our Swedish tollers Chaplin & Tintin. A lot of toller photos. You can also find dog clipart and dog animations. Welcome!

BellaCuru Kennels
Tollers in Residence: 2
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers and Merchandise for Toller Lovers

All about the "Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever"
Tollers in Residence:
Here you can find information, pictures and many more about Toller's

Torlan Tollers
Tollers in Residence: 4
Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Check out the happenings at Torlan. Currently 4 Tollers in residence, with litters occasionally. All breeding stock is health checked for PRA, hip dysplasia, thyroid disfunction and heart conditions. Puppies only to caring homes that have the time and energy to meet the needs of this high energy breed. Torlan Tollers are all fed the B.A.R.F. diet. Come visit us online.

Toller Tails
Tollers in Residence: 1, Rosie
A site totally devoted to tollers! We have pictures, links and more! We are currently updating, but soon pictures of Rosie (our dog) will be on the site.

Foxy Farm4s kennel
Tollers in Residence: 3
A site for Foxy Farm4s kennel in Sweden. Lots of photos. Only in swedish, just now.

Vildandens Tollare / Vildandens Tollers
Tollers in Residence: 2
We breed tollers in the south of Sweden and the motto is: mentally nice tollers with lots of will to please in a healthy body! In english as well as in swedish. Welcome and visit us!
Anette & Vildandens Tollers

Redi's site
Tollers in Residence: 1
Many photos of Redi (Siphra's Fire On Ice).

Tollers in Residence: Raahe,Finland
Lots of pictures, info, and links to other great sites.

Enfield Cresting
Tollers in Residence: Ch. Kare's Jammer WC
Many , many Toller embroidery designs

Schooner's Log
Tollers in Residence: Schooner
The story and pictures of Schooner the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver.

Baccus och Doris homepage
Tollers in Residence:
Come and read about Supernova Merlot "Baccus" and his sister the cat Doris.

Tollartrollets Kennel
Tollers in Residence: LP Drögstas Perdita, LP Spader Damens Calgary Flame, LP, SVCH, SLCH Tollartrollets Camaro och Kooikerhondjen LP 1, LP 2 SVCH, SLCH Bella Novas Trolla för Leon.
Endast på svenska

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever webalbum
Tollers in Residence: Riverdance Kelvin Under The Red Sky
Toller photoalbum, Animations, Pedigree, Linkpage,Toller Artpage, Colour Genetic.

Jayden's Home
Tollers in Residence: 1
This is the story of Kylador's Cracker Jack Jayden. A young lad who has stolen my heart and taken over my life!!!

The Toller Zone
Tollers in Residence: 1 so far
How someone who had never even heard of a Toller became an owner and avid fan of the breed. Links to great Toller information sites, including, the breed browser and AKC.

Redland Kennels
Tollers in Residence: 14
Foundation breeding stock all from various lines of Harbourlights Kennels. Pictures/descriptions of all current and upcoming sires and dams and pictures of each litter to date.

Major section is a tribute to Harbourlights Kennels and Avery and Erna Nickerson who were our mentors.

My toller page
Tollers in Residence: Fairchilds Nikita
About my toller Fairchilds Nikita and her 2 litters

Flying Dog Agility
Tollers in Residence: Three
This site is the home of Flying Dog Agility, and features our three Tollers (Rembrandt, Roxanne and Curry) and the dog sports we are involved in with (because of) them!

From Scooby's Palace
Tollers in Residence: Scooby, Scrappy
Small breeder in Appelscha, the Netherlands

Virgo Vestalis
Tollers in Residence: Aurora Toller Bryvilsar, Canny Fox Tosti, Bohemia Tosti
I have the first Tollers in Poland. I have showed them for last year with success. In April I expect our first puppies. I love this dogs!

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